Judging Criteria for IGPAT and Feature Writing 2012


Discover Tacurong Category

  Relevance to the Theme –             40%

 Does the photo reflect the theme’s message? Does it show Tacurong’s interesting and fun features? Does it show Tacurong’s vibrancy and uniqueness? Does it highlight Tacurong as the City of Goodwill?

 Composition/Arrangement –        20%

 Is the object/s of photo neatly arranged and pleasant to the eye? Is the angle or perspective used by the photographer interesting?

 Focus/Sharpness/Lighting –          20%

 Is the photograph sharp? Is the object of the photo in focus? Does it use proper lighting? 

 Creativity-                                    20% 

 Does the photographer show creative and original idea in the making of the photo?

Total: 100%   


Talakudong Festival Category

Visual Impact     (Clarity: 30%; Spontaneity 30%)    60%         

Theme  (Festival mood, vibrancy and ambience)       40%

Total: 100%            



Content – 30%

Organization and clarity of the message – 25%

Overall appeal to the reader – 25%

Grammar and structure  –  20%

Total: 100%

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